Restoration Projects

Among the many responsibilities facing the Knauss Homestead Preservation Society repair and improvement of the Knauss properties, namely the house and barn, are the most critical.

The properties had over the years suffered significant deterioration causing the Preservation Society to embark upon an extensive restoration program. Your financial support as members and/or donors will be a significant help in moving these projects forward.

Barn Projects

Barn Roof

The project was to fill the holes in the roof of the barn with slates and to replace any and all broken slates. It appears that approximately 150+ slates that need to be replaced. There is also concern whether the sub straight boards that hold the slates need to be replaced where the holes are located.

The gutter should be the half round with downspouts in keeping with the historical value of the barn. The facia boards may need to be replaced and should be painted again in keeping with the historical heritage. If this structure was not of historical value then the facia boards could be wrapped in metal sheeting. The Preservation Society felt that we maintain the historical heritage of the barn. This project was completed in 2018.

Barn Siding

Remove asbestos siding from the barn and install new 1×10 ship lap eastern white pine over existing siding. This capital project cost is estimated at $54,000.

Barn Foundation

The foundation has deteriorated due to water flowing from the roof. This requires rebuilding and restoring the foundation.

This capital project cost is estimated at $41,000.

House Projects


The house needs repainting. Cost to repaint and repairs is estimated at $24,500.

Shutter Replacement and Painting

Shutters around the house require replacement. Cost to replace shutters and paint is estimated at $12,000.

Foundation Repair and Replace Inside and Outside doors

Cost to repair foundation, replace inside & outside doors. $5,200. This project was completed in 2020.


A project is underway to install an industrial sized dehumidifier to address serious humidity issues in the basement with ventilation to the first floor. Benefits include the elimination of the musty odor in the basement and first floor and the preservation of the quilt which would otherwise deteriorate from excessive humidity experienced on the first floor. This project is paid by a generous grant from an anonymous donor.


The Knauss Homestead is open by appointment. Call us at 610-443-8626 to schedule your guided tour.


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The Knauss Homestead is at 152 East Main Street, Emmaus, PA. Click here for Google Maps directions.