Planning Your Legacy

The Knauss Homestead can assist you in planning the legacy you leave for generations to come. You can make the Knauss Homestead a part of your estate planning and will, thereby ensuring that the Homestead is a thriving community resource for the future.  Below are some resources to help you begin the planning process.

Legacy Planning Ideas & Benefits

Consulting Your Tax Advisor

The Knauss Homestead Preservation Society can give you information on the benefits of donating assets, but the best possible source of information for your unique situation is your tax advisor. 

Donating Stocks and Bonds

We’re scheduling exclusive meetings, gatherings, and presentations for members only, with topics ranging from ancestry research to special guest speakers, artifact presentations, and other captivating Knauss subjects.

Life Insurance & Retirement Plans

Designating the Knauss Homestead Preservation Society as a beneficiary of a life insurance plicy or retirement plan is a wonderful way to support the Knauss Homestead, while enjoying potential tax benefits & savings.

Donating Property

The Knauss Homestead Preservation Society gladly accepts gifts of property, such as real estate, art, or other assets that can help non-profit entities like us fund our programs and services for years to come.

IRS Webinar

This is a helpful introduction to charitable contributions provided by the IRS.

For Tax Pros

Here are some concrete guidelines from the IRS on donated property and deductions.

Tips for Taxpayers

Helpful tips when thinking about your charitible contribution tax strategy.

We Urgently Need Your Help to Preserve Our History.

Joining us for as little as $25 will make you a member of the Knauss Preservation Society, and enable us to make meaningful progress in our efforts to preserve this national treasure for generations to come, like:


Ongoing Care for the Homestead

Your contributions will ensure we can be the best possible custodians of our Homestead, using period methods and materials to ensure its longevity.


Necessary Restoration Projects

Our homestead is over 240 years old. That means regular upkeep, inspections, and careful restoration efforts are always going on to keep our beautiful home, barn, and grounds safe for years to come.


Educational Programs & Events

Educating our community on our history is a critical component for any thriving community. We aim to offer diverse, enriching experiences for all to enjoy, whether you've just arrived or lived here all your life.


Historical Research & Publications

We're always learning new things about the early days of our community, and our ability to share that with the world largely depends on your support and sharing your participation with the community!

Spruce and Slate Artisan Bakery
Harvest Festival at the Knauss Homestead 2022